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Business Transformation and Mindset To Increase Revenue

18 April 2022
Quoted from, Taufik Adityawarman, who has just occupied the position of President Director of PT Kilang Pertamina Internasional...

The GAS Crisis in Europe Due to the Russo-Ukrainian War

28 March 2022
The war between Russia and Ukraine has made it difficult for the European continent to get gas supplies. Russia has retaliated against a country it...


30 December 2021
DEFINITION OF INSURTECH Insurtech or Insurance Technology is a type of digital-based insurance that uses an information technology platform in its...

Sriwijaya Air plane crashes, Jasa Raharja is ready to give compensation

11 January 2021
Jasa Raharja is ready to provide compensation to passengers of the SJY182 Sriwijaya Air plane who had an accident on the Jakarta-Pontianak...

Similarities of Masks and Health Insurance

15 December 2020
The similarity of masks and health insurance, both protect, namely masks protect themselves from infectious diseases through the air and Health...

5 Benefits of Having Vehicle Insurance

02 November 2020
Benefits of Having Vehicle Insurance   Motorized Vehicle Insurance is a product of insurance, which covers any loss or damage to a car or...

Via Vallen Losses Due To Not Extending Insurance

03 July 2020
Toyota Alphard's favorite luxury car Via Vallen was set on fire in front of his yard. The white alphard car, he bought in cash a few years ago....

4 Simple Tips For Car Safe from Thieves

09 June 2020
Car Safe Tips From Theft There is a famous proverb, it is better to prevent than cure. Losing a car is something that car owners don't want....

UMKM Are Ready To Move to New Normal, If ..

29 May 2020
The government is ready to apply the new normal scenario. The new normal scenario is by running a high level of health discipline to be safe from...

5 Benefits of Vehicle Insurance

14 May 2020
Vehicle Insurance Benefits Every year the number of vehicles both motorbikes and cars continues to increase, almost in every region there are...

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