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Health Insurance and Property Insurance

28 August 2019
Health insurance is one type of insurance product that specifically guarantees the cost or health care of each member of insurance if they fall sick...

5 Proper Reasons for Insurance

07 August 2019
Many benefits can be obtained when having insurance. Investing in insurance that means we invest some money to take the benefits. The benefits to be...

5 Reasons for the Importance of Owning Property Insurance

03 July 2019
Reasons for the Importance of Owning Property InsuranceProperty insurance is a type of protection of property assets such as houses, apartments,...

Benefits of Having Health Insurance

19 June 2019
Health InsuranceHealth insurance is very important to have. There is a very popular proverb, namely: "provide an umbrella before it rains". This...

Insurance Broker Company

18 June 2019
An insurance broker is a legal entity formed in order to meet the needs of the community for an agency that can assist them in buying insurance...

List of Insurance Companies in Indonesia

28 May 2019
Understanding of Insurance Many questions about insurance that arise from people who do not know about the world of insurance. Following is the...

5 How to Choose the appropriate Life Insurance

22 May 2018
Life Insurance - Insurance is now not becoming something fancy and expensive, even now insurance becomes a lifestyle for certain community...

Vehicles of Victims of Acts of Terrorism Can Claim Insurance

21 May 2018
Action of terror occurred again Indonesia, precisely in three churches in Surabaya, Rusunawa Sidoarjo, and also Mapolrestabes Surabaya. Many...

Small Capital So Growth Inhibitor of Sharia Insurance

04 April 2018
Capital is considered to be an obstacle for the insurance industry to grow higher. Despite growing 21% in 2017, but its value is far less than the...

Rhenald Kasali: Insurance Technology Coming Soon

27 March 2018
The development of financial technology is expected to be followed by insurance technology. This will also affect the insurance industry.This is...

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