5 How to Choose the appropriate Life Insurance

5 How to Choose the appropriate Life Insurance

22 May 2018
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5 How to Choose the appropriate Life Insurance

Life Insurance - Insurance is now not becoming something fancy and expensive, even now insurance becomes a lifestyle for certain community groups.

People argue that insurance should be owned by everyone to guarantee its future. Not only as a lifestyle and guarantor of the future because by having a liver insurance will feel happy and serene.

By making insurance as a lifestyle or primary needs, you must also be careful in choosing the right life insurance. Here are five tips from Cermati.com in choosing the right life insurance.

1. Choose Insurance As Your Needs

Choosing the right insurance should be done before deciding to buy it. Just like when you buy clothes, you will think about whether the clothes fit, whether the size is in accordance with your body, and the same thing must be done when going to buy insurance.

Recognize the insurance product to be purchased, and find out what are the benefits of the product. When you are going to buy insurance products, the insurer will offer so many products. This is where you have to be careful in choosing which products suit your needs.

Know what benefits will be received if buying the product as this will greatly affect what will be obtained from the insurance used. For example, when you need a fee in conditions such as illness, tuition fees, and so forth. This is the thing to think about before deciding to buy an insurance product.

And before buying insurance products, you should recognize the product, comparing between the products of one company with other companies that suit your needs.

2. Insurance Budget

Second thing to consider before choosing life insurance is how much budget to be spent for life insurance. You should be able to adjust how much the budget should be spent each month.

This should be considered in order not to interfere with other needs that also require a monthly budget. If your budget is limited, but you still want to have life insurance coverage, you can choose pure health insurance with low monthly premium prices or adjust your financial ability.

With careful planning, you can find out what things need a fixed budget each month. You can divide the income of about 10 percent or more for life insurance that will be able to protect themselves in the future.

3. Track Record Insurance Company

The third thing to consider in choosing life insurance is the track record of the insurance company. Insurance is an agreement that will have agreed and run up to the long term, of course here the track record of insurance you should know in advance so as not to cause problems in the future.

First you can see how the company provides services to customers, then the ease of registering, the ease of setting the premium, and the last is the ease of claim on the insurance company.

The selected insurance company must be a company that has a good track record, is registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), the company has a Risk Based Capital (RBC) of at least 120 percent in accordance with government provisions, and certainly a trusted company in the community. Get to know the insurance company to choose from and do not hesitate to ask something that you think is less clear.

4. Insurance Party Services

Another thing that you should consider in choosing life insurance is insurance service to its customers.

Choose an insurance company with the best service, such as companies that have customer service 24 hours, companies that provide clear information to customers and so forth.

Insurance services become important because if the insurance service does not have extra services, this can make you bother when you want to get an information in a short time.

5. Immediately Sign Up While Healthy

In general, every company that provides life insurance has a more detailed criteria or requirements in the health of the prospective customer.

There are so many prospective customers who accept the refusal of insurance submission. The reasons for this refusal are numerous, such as those that do not meet health criteria.

Therefore, while you are still healthy, young and strong, you should immediately sign up with an insurance company so that you have the protection and tranquility in the future.

Choosing the right life insurance is a must and of course this will also affect your insurance claims in the future. When choosing the right life insurance, there will automatically be many benefits to be gained.

Not only a benefit, but you can also feel happier and more secure because the future or old age is guaranteed with the protection of life insurance.

First, you can earn a pension. Secondly, you do not have to worry about the cost of treatment when experiencing health problems in old age.

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