Benefits of Having Health Insurance

Benefits of Having Health Insurance

19 June 2019
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Benefits of Having Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance is very important to have. There is a very popular proverb, namely: "provide an umbrella before it rains". This proverb is very suitable with health insurance. So, you don't need to be sick or almost sick first, then you want to have health insurance.

Health Insurance Benefits

In order not to hesitate to have health insurance, then you need to know what benefits you can get when you have health insurance. The following are benefits that can be obtained when having health insurance, namely:

1. No need to bother thinking about costs when sick

By having health insurance, you are guaranteed financially when you are sick. This is one of the benefits of having health insurance when facing the risk of poor health, which comes suddenly.

2. Doesn't bother the family

Other health insurance benefits are not burdening the family when paying for hospital fees. Getting sick requires no small amount of money. By having health insurance, the cost of care and treatment will be borne by the insurance company so that you and your family need not worry.

3. Helps you manage money regularly

Another health insurance benefit is that you can manage your finances. Having health insurance requires you to pay premiums regularly every month or every year.

4. Health insurance benefits from care provided

Health insurance provides various types of treatments that you can get in accordance with the agreement on the policy. Each treatment listed on the policy also has a ceiling or limit for the amount of maintenance costs. The ceiling provided by the insurance is adjusted to the amount of premium you pay regularly every month or at the beginning.

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Health Insurance Products of PT. MHIB, consists of 2 types:

1. Indemnity
2. Managed Care

1. Indemnity

Indeminty is a mechanism for providing financial compensation by the insurer (insurance company) to place the Insured on the financial position held at the moment before the loss occurs.
Indemnity consists of :
  • As charge benefit
  • Inner limit


2. Managed Care

Managed Care is one type of Health Insurance Product that integrates financing and provision of health care in a system that manages costs, provides easy access to all participants so that the financing becomes efficient and effective / right on target.

Managed Care has been determined at the beginning and has a tiered nature. On both products (Indemnity & Manage Care) can cover:
  1. Inpatient
  2. Outpatient
  3. Take care of teeth
  4. Give birth
  5. Eyeglasses
  6. Medical Check-up

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