Via Vallen Losses Due To Not Extending Insurance

Via Vallen Losses Due To Not Extending Insurance

03 July 2020
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Via Vallen Losses Due To Not Extending Insurance

Toyota Alphard's favorite luxury car Via Vallen was set on fire in front of his yard. The white alphard car, he bought in cash a few years ago. Unfortunately, when burned people, Via Vallen's car is not covered by insurance. Via Vallen said his car insurance ended last May 2020, and he has not extended the insurance.

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"Insurance ended last May and the insurance has not been completed in the first place, when people burned it like this pandemic, where I myself have been working for almost 3 months (no income as usual) because the conditions are not normal I know, what do I have? everything is just a deposit Just now the condition of the car like this, even confused what to do, "said Via Vallen on Instagram.

The type of Via Vallen car that caught fire was the Toyota Alphard 2.5G AT production in 2018. In 2018, the Toyota Alphard 2.5G reached Rp 1,079,600,000 for on the road Jakarta. Outside Jabodetabek it might be a little different because it adjusts its local taxes.

As a result of the hit car, Via Vallen will bear its own losses. The loss is quite large considering the price of the Alphard car itself is not cheap.

When viewed from the price of the former, the market price of the Toyota Alphard 2.5G in 2018 currently reaches Rp. 800 to 900 million. On the site of buying and selling used cars, Toyota Alphard 2.5G 2018 is sold at Rp. 800 million.

Surabaya Branch Ramayana Insurance Engineering Head, David Riodan, confirmed that the Via Vallen car insurance policy was up. Previously, the insurance had warned the Via Vallen to extend the insurance policy.

The insurance chosen by Via Vallen for Alphard is comprehensive or all risk insurance. If the Via car is still insured, Via can get cash compensation according to the Alphard car price on the market today.

"The car is 2018. At that time the price was insured around Rp. 1 billion. Yes, if it is now around Rp. 800-900 million. If it is still insurance, it must be covered in the form of compensation, according to current market prices," said David.


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